Tuesday, March 8, 2011


After all these years, it’s very clear to see and say that The Exorcist (here) has an absolute stranglehold on the possession genre. It’s the end all, be all, or as our own Jason Bene said here in his review of the better-than-most exorcism movies – The Last Exorcism – quite frankly (and I quote), “The Exorcist is the motherf*cker of all horror movies”. I don’t think there’s another film within a genre that has such a huge gap in its merits to the next best possible film from that genre. So, it should come to no surprise that when I say Exocismus: The Possession of Emma Evans (La posesión de Emma Evans) is confidingly average.  It’s far from a dance with the Devil, but it’s a decent two-step with Him, and a far more interesting expose of the errors of home schooling than a horror film.

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